The Gardener

Bible Vision 🌿 🕊

The Gardener

From a distance you can see this beautiful garden, it sets on a hill and is visible for a long distance. This coastal range along the Pacific with even more hills and valleys of brilliant colors is absolutely breathtaking from ones eye.

As you come closer you would think the Gardener had landscaped a zoo of various flowers. The tall grass that interacts flow together so beautifully, if there were music one would gently fall asleep.

Can you see the violet colors in between the brilliant yellows and orange array of tulips? The pastels are seemingly rejoicing as the wind lifts the petals of each beautifully orchestrated row.  It’s like a manuscript of GOD’s oil painting on display just for you, for HE is the Gardener. This Masterpiece,  so illuminating , you can’t believe what you’re seeing , yet it takes you on an imaginary ride in your mind of the greatest peace one could comprehend.

This vision transgresses beyond what human imagination allows. The colors just burst forth as a glorious glow of heavenly proportions. This Gardener is brilliant, HE sees what humans can not comprehend, for its not of earthly knowledge, its GODly insight and preparation.

The Gardener tends to your every need. This  magnificent Gardener is heavenly caressing your senses that are blooming your faith to a brand new level of love,  for HE is the Vine and we are the branches.                                                                                 John 15: 1         ” I am the true vine, and MY FATHER is the Gardener.”

Tuck your chin in and take a deep breath, for the fragrance that you will smell can’t be imagined. It is so soothing to your senses, you never want to eat again , for the aroma has taken a step in a course of completed satisfaction.  There’s no grading this Masterpiece, the price can not be set, for the value is beyond anything a person could afford to purchase. Still its freely given.

This Gardener has only one desire, Love. Then to bless, favor, and give your hearts desires into everlasting bliss .

Breathe in the perfume of heaven , then allow the Masterful Gardener to please your soul from this sensational performance of heavens glimpse, of whats to come.


Bible Vision 🌿 🕊                                                                                                                            Lou Woodward                                                                                                                          April  2019,                                                                                                                                Created at 3:53 a.m .                                                                                                             Inspriation from GOD…











Bible Vision🌿 🕊 Mother Hen

Mother Hen

Matthew 23:37     Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together , as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings and you were not willing.

How often today we want to do the same for our little and grown ones.  JESUS’s love for us is not something to take lightly.  There is no measure how HE cares for us, its infinity!   He leaves the 99 to find the one.  HE hunts you down to bless you.  HE declares and promises over and over in the bible, HE WILL NEVER, leave us, never not ever.  HE suffered and died for us out of HIS Love.  How often HE wanted to take us under HIS wings and love us to heaven and back, but we were not willing.

Oh how we need YOU. We need YOU now but YOU are looking for the one of the 99 and we must wait…. I’m grateful, for I was one of the 99 at a time in my life and I needed YOU, and YOU rescued me.

LORD, YOUR long suffering is amazing to me. We want to be under YOUR wings as all of us can be.

Boaz told Ruth, look the LORD will reward you when you take refuge under HIS wing.  Beautiful,  it’s almost hypnotic those words.  It promises you you’re being looked after.  The LORD will reward you for taking refuge under HIS  wings.   Don’t you know that there’s not a moment in your day that GOD has your every need, your every want front and center?   When you ask HIM, ask HIM to love you , to never leave you, to be your shield, to guide-and protect you, everything you ever needed, HE is right there, HE’s there before you think about HIM, HE has your whole life planned, and it’s a good one. It’s something you never dreamt for yourself.  It’s not  a job, it’s a career. It’s not a tiny place, it’s a mansion. It’s not a small dinner setting, it’s a feast.   It’s not being alone, it’s alone time with HIM.    It’s a never ending personal conversation of unconditional love just for you !  It’s ten dozen roses, not just one.  It’s belly laughing to the deepest part of your soul that tells you you are loved, and it is eternal , it’s a deep well of affection.  It’s the memory of the time in your life that you realized someone really does love you.   Or the birthday cake with all the candles that never go out, no matter how hard you blow it makes you happy and full of joy. It’s the beautiful mountain stream that sings a joyous song to you as it gently flows past on a hot summer afternoon, and you swear it was Angels singing to you.

Take a hold of HIS hand, let HIM lead you for it’s a place you can’t imagine. HIS love brings galaxies of splendor to please the soul and spirit forever. HE is Enchanting, HE is Exquisite, no wonder you can’t be in your body when you see HIM, for you lose your breath, become unconscious because of the overwhelming intensity of HIS presence.

Its like freshly fallen snow, so crystal-clear, the air you breathe can only come from a spiritual presence. The light from the moon tells us HE is the light of the world , no light is more brilliant then JESUS , our Living , Loving Authority.

ABBA FATHER,                                                                                                                                    Keep the innocence as a child that we hold inside as the path to heaven so that we will see YOUR Glory and melt away into YOUR everlasting arms of love , such as a mother hen.                                                                                                                                  Amen.

Fully inspired words from JESUS.


Bible Vision 🌿 🕊                                                                                                           LouWoodward  2019 February                                                                                                                            Mother Hen                                                                                                                                     Intake from the movie, Little Women



Bible Vision 🌿 🕊


This word has a distinct definition. As a verb, to clean with a vacuum cleaner.

As describing this somewhat quirky  word , a friend and I were talking about how we can use vacuums to clean up our lives for GOD.  It’s never easy to run this tool, especially when others are not bothering with whats in disarray in their house.  I’ve not wanted in so many incidences to clean up my appearance , it’s so much easier to put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt , rather than be lady like with one of those flowing satin blouses that look so feminine, telling myself clean up your act lady, let GOD make whats old new again.

1 John 1:9

If we confess our sins, HE is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Cleansing ourselves from evil , GOD is faithful in saving us from all daily dirty dealings . In confessing, we are forgiven of sins all in one good swipe. There is a vacuuming going on with little knowledge on our part of a great power at work . In comparing isn’t this actually how a vacuum works?  Clean up the dirt and freshen up for a new day. In the midst of it all there HE is, sweet JESUS  . Everything has a new look and the heavenly fragrance has taken over. Vacuuming out all the filth from our lives and being cleansed ultimately changes how clean things are.  How about that!  I’m wondering, have you cleaned up yet ? Does your new vacuum work better today? The vacuuming days are not over buy a long shot, seems cleaning never ends.  A funny thought just came to mind, you’ve just finished with the last room in the house and in comes the dog and kids, man it’s a daily thing, more cleaning to do, just like our own soul house , right?



Bible Vision 🌿🕊

Lou Woodward  June 5th 2018

What do you get, from what you’ve been given?

What do you get, from what you’ve been given?

Such a strange thought, yet interesting , especially if you’re trying to be a better person.

Colossians 4:5-6

Be wise in the ways you act toward those who are outside ( the Christian faith). Make the most of your opportunities. Everything you say should be kind and well thought out so that you know how to answer everyone.

From this scripture it’s a fact that JESUS is our example of being wise in how to treat others. Great opportunities with experience of respect and well thought out responses in showing loving-kindness .    In watching others , inevitably we’ll  be disappointed in time, we are all discomfited by others behavior on and off.

Have you ever been around people who speak out of turn , trying to carry the conversation to meet their needs?  The meer idea of kindness seems ridiculous to the out spoken. Usually the so-called well thought out ideas of these individuals within the conversation don’t have much credence .  They find being right is being the one who has the last to say, and having had the longest to say it.  In this example where is the surrender, does GOD get to be the focus?  Are we allowing HIM into our lives so to answer others with the right spiritual thing?  What do you get from what you’ve been given?

It’s not what we get, it’s what are you going to do with what you’ve been given.

JESUS just for today,  to the best of my ability I’m going to be a top person for YOU. I’m going to look beyond the borders and coasts that YOU have broaden for me. Live out loud with a followers voice , sing unto YOU with a brassy noise so to declare , I am the righteousness of GOD in CHRIST because of JESUS.  To be this top person is knowing the praise belongs to YOU FATHER, then I know what to do with what I’ve   been given.


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What Do You Get From,                                                                                                          What You”ve Been Given.







I  was thinking about how hungry I am. So hungry I’d probably eat what was there for the taking, not to feel the hunger pains. My stomach was announcing to the world, if you don’t eat now I’ll broadcast what’s going on, we all know what that means.

Also, with the hunger comes a tremendous thirst. When you’re hungry you’ve got to have something to quench that need .  Sometimes if we don’t eat or get something to drink, the body starts to tremble, it’s like being on shaky ground. We need to be filled. All this outside trouble with eating comes from within. What’s the struggle ?  This food, drink and outside things I’m talking about, it doesn’t come from a glass or bottle, nor does it say fresh fish or display a date on it.  It comes from the deepest part of self. Some days, just speaking of it makes me so emotional I start to cry. We need to be fed! It’s the thirst and hunger inside that never goes away, we need nourishment. Do you know what I’m talking about, it’s JESUS!

Communing with HIM helps to remember what JESUS did for us. How HE stepped up to the plate and said, I AM, HE, the one you are looking for. And did you know when JESUS spoke, all 300 to 500 Romans fell to the ground?  I thirst for that kind of love. I want to feed on HIS example on how HE treats people. This type of food and drink is spiritually injected when you know the love of GOD. This love GOD has for HIS SON JESUS, teaches how to love. This is Grace !

When reading the word, your thirst goes away and every time you read and turn  a page the hunger that you’re searching , it’s found. Words like, MY grace is sufficient for you. Or he who believes in ME shall never die. And one of the greatest, John 3:16,  For GOD so loved the world, that HE gave HIS only begotten SON, that whosoever believeth in HIM shall not parish but have everlasting life. Rom. 5:8

 Can you imagine, its extremely hard to imagine this scenario ?  GOD all-knowing, all-powerful, orchestrated with HIS SON, JESUS, what needed to be done to save the world and this sort of timing , heavens timing , concluded the answer to man’s fate.

 Come along with me , lets read GODs masterpiece together, be fed and no longer thirst.


Lou Woodward                                                                                                                                             March 2017



JESUS, for today can I just thank YOU for breathing living in love and favored by the FATHER ?

Just for this moment, can I be still and listen to what the will of GOD is for me ? Can I in life now, find the time to reflect and know HE IS GOD ?

Is it possible for the light of THE MOST HIGH GOD to shine on me when I don’t see it ? Will I know of the power of JESUS in me when I need it the most ? How is it the CREATOR of this massive universe loves me ? Do the stars shine for me every night ? Can I educate myself enough to know what our PERFECT GOD, FATHER ABOVE ALL  wants for me and mine ? Would I be able to express what HIS SON JESUS did for me when in the darkest hours appear ? Will the gentle misty night come with news of JESUS without a threat of the enemy consuming my thoughts, actions, being ? How is it we stay on the straight path when all seems to be falling into the pit of life, and have sinned ?  Is it JESUS ? Where does this powerful love hit us, in our hearts, souls, inner spirit, or is it everywhere when it takes us to peace ? Do I get to see JESUS eyes looking at me, like when HE looked at Simeon after carrying the cross ? Does my heart go with me to heaven to tell JESUS how much I love HIM, THE FATHER and THE HOLY SPIRIT ?  Will I get the pleasure of speaking YOUR NAME to thousands here, ever ? What’s YOUR most important need for me to do for YOU ? Do you want to build a castle with me and we can adore YOUR FATHER together  with songs never heard before ? Is the universe going to rise up in splendor with us at  end time and bring homage to the KING of KINGs ? Do we get to eat at the table with YOU , have our favorite foods together, or will it be something I’ve never tasted before ?  Can I drink wine with YOU JESUS, like at the Wedding at Cana in Galilee, as we slip away into long conversations in eternity ? Do YOU think we will swim in the living waters in Heaven daily ? How do we dance on the streets of gold, with harps, violins, or maybe electric guitars ? Do we get to sing with a voice not known by man here on earth, there in Heaven ? Can angels and lions play piano at YOUR dinner parties ? Is the address, Unity 777 Trillion Court Heavens Way, The Eternal City where we will experience the concert of everlasting contentment ?  And who’s to say, I’m a hero in Heaven and I get to hold the gold sword to protect YOU my KING ? If prayers are answered , will our families be together at the throne of  GOD so to share everlasting love, because of YOUR SON, JESUS CHRIST, KING ABOVE ALL, REIGNING MAJESTY, THE GREAT HEALER, LORD OF LORDs, and SAVIOR ?  And if that’s so , do we ride ship less into the galaxy of stars because of YOUR promises ?

And my last question for now, do I get to love you forever like you love us ?  As a believer, undeniably, all are a yes, they are a given when you love HIM,  like HE first loved us.

See YOU soon with love to Heaven and back,                                               One of YOUR Daughters

ps ,    Look into the eyes of a child of GOD, and see HIM looking back at you …

Febraury 15th 2017                                                                                                       Lou Woodward

Lilacs of Love

Have you ever put your nose in a bunch of lilacs before?  If you haven’t  you might make an effort to do just that. My prediction is, you will be lingering for some time faceless to the public.

Understanding the glory of GOD is phenomenal. HE gives and gives and gives again. I was picking a bouquet of lilacs one day when the fragrance was so empowering that I couldn’t  keep my face out to the flowers. I could feel GOD’s goodness drawing me into the aroma of HIS love.  From that day on lilacs have been my favorite flower. Every time I get a bouquet of them the pleasant smell has to be like heavens host, and GOD is sending me HIS  p.s. of love in the scent of lilacs.

At this very moment I realize that I have always had GOD’s fragrance in me. As a child I had a hiding place that was hedges and hedges full of lilacs. The fragrance kept me in this beautiful safe place.  I was forever at peace with this gorgeous aroma of heaven. Thank you GOD!   YOU take my breath away. YOU’ve been loving on me since I was a child , actually  long before and YOU have never stopped. No wonder lilacs are my favorite. YOU blessed me with heavens scent and I’m living Heavens fragrance of YOUR love.

Don’t miss out on stopping and smelling the lilacs, you deserve a field of purple vision, which by the way is royalty in view.


This is dedicated to JESUS……